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shitty weather on the 31st, that wasnt really a surprise after the last few days unfortunately... it was raining the whole day and of course only stopped for some minutes in the evening

but nobody seemed to care, everyone prepared their white clothes carefully and got in the right mood for the biggest beach party in the world!

we were 6 people from the hostel who went to dinner in the obligatory white and felt quite... special - nobody else in the restaurant was dressed in white and we looked like a new years meeting of some psycho-cult

food was excellent at the gareta de ipanema (or something like that... girl of ipanema) and it was close to the stage on ipanema beach where the concert would take place

first i wanted to go to copacabana for the fireworks but decided to take advantage of the great location in front of the stage and stayed with the group.. for 1hour at least, then i got to get a drink and talked with this nice girl from sao paolo on the way and kinda lost the group.. ah well, she took good care of me and we enjoyed the warmup concert of samba & funk

just before midnight it got packed with people and after the countdown everyone went crazy! as soon as the champagne bottles were emptied, everyone started to scream for the black eyed peas which appeared shortly after! the concert was great, about 1 to 2 hours in length and everything in plain sight a few meteres from the stage

great way to start a new year!

after the concert i headed to copacabana beach in order to see the party over there... which was quite disappointing, everything was over, people strolling along the beach to clubs or hotels and everyone kinda drunk

i chatted with a group of young cariocas who, like all brazilians who plan to go to university or making a career, take english lessons and wanted to practice it (too bad they only got me hehe) before going back to the hostel where everyone who lost eachother found together again :-)

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