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after a rainy night and a foggy morning we formed an ad hoc group to conquer the equator, aka the tourist trap "mitad del mundo"

and as soon as we set foot out of our hostel the sun came out and the weather got better, hurray!

guided by the spanish teacher we risked a bus ride through quito, and as every single guide book says, we damn sure watched our pockets! the look of 4 gringos with there backpacks in front of them was rather an entertaining sight for the locals it seemed, no one pickpocketed us but they smiled at us, well... :)

the bus ride was great, we even had a political propagandist as our onboard amusement, after the demonstrations a bit earlier today the second sign of the upcoming election - but everything is rather peaceful

and damn, quito is cheap! a 2 hours bus ride cost as USD 0.40, can't complain about that

surprisingly, we didnt get lost and found the entrance to the little equator theme park they've built (at the wrong place that is, damn french!) not many tourists around but the sun was burning, got my first sunburn today, hurray again

better than that was the small, a bit more original open air museum at the real equator line, where they give you a tour through some old native buildings and habits (i.e. shrinkheads!) and some fishy experiments at the equator line
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waking up at 3:30am: tolerable
checking in at 5:45am: tolerable
flying for a total of almost 15 hours with iberia: urghl

worst - airline - ever

ok, had to start with a rant, and while i'm on it: weather in quito is bad, rainy & cloudy, but i have hopes for today :)

had the whole checkin counter of iberia wow-ing over my big rtw ticket, i love the feeling of jealousy in the morning hehe

the flight was really tough, half of the people seemed to be infants that screamed all the time and the bad movies didnt really help (you think it can't get worse after 'my super ex girlfriend' (or similar) - you are wrong: 'lady in the water' will make you wish you had snakes on a plane instead of iberia movie pickers...)

and next to me wasnt an ecuadorian beauty but an older german lady instead... she was fun though, going with a 20 people camping bus through south america

and how can people be totaly wasted on a 8am flight? and he was from basel, even worse

nevertheless, the flight into quito was very nice: first the clouds, then the hills and finally you land right in the middle of the local ghetto residential area.... the airport is great - faster check out than on london city and this taxi voucher system really works

and mentioning 'secret garden' hostel is like a keyword for vip treatment - i got taken to a nice taxi immediately, etc... the drive took forever, traffic was really bad but it gave me the opportunity to watch the surroundings, which were very 'interesting'... the dodgy quito north area has tons of normal shops with machine gun equipped guards in it... you dont get greeted before entering, you just not get shot around here... very friendly :)

but so far, no problems - the hostel is in a really beautiful area without a gorgeous view... people are great and i had wonderful sleep, my bed has a window with a view over whole quito - madness! will upload pictures later

rayray says:
am looving every second of this blog!!!
Posted on: Jun 24, 2007
Circuitloss says:
Yeah, I've also heard that Iberia is totally awful. Your blog so far is a fun read.
Posted on: May 02, 2007
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