marco went shopping today

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went early in the morning to the new xiangjang market at science & technology museum stop

here is what i got:

samsonite leather laptop bag: 60 yuan
rolex oyster daytona (2nd tier quality, non-scratching glass etc): 200 yuan
diesel shirt: 30 yuan
leather belt: 35 yuan
5 dvd9: 45 yuan
3 calvin klein boxers: 30 yuan

haha i like my fake rolex & samsonite bag, it's so ridiculous to wear it with my dirty backpacker clothes hehe

i love the bargaining hehe... just to give you an impression of the work necessary to get those prices: laptop bag started at 320, rolex at 650, shirt at 120, belt at 120... etc

my strategy is usually laughing at the price and walking out - which always brings down the price... i even had 2 girls tickling me back into their store hehe fun times
zkw says:
Smart! Some improvement:
1. Bargain more stores. In every store, try to get a lower price. If the sales ladies do tickle you back, then that's the lowest price. You can not imagine how low the whole sale prices are. At least half of the prices you got, possibly one-third.
2. Say some Chinese words to show you've been here for a long time: no--sounds like "bu", too expensive--sounds like "tie-gwi".
3. Don't buy things you can not judge the quality like watch. If your Rolex only serve you one week, it is more expensive than a real one.
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
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was spending the day at airline offices in downtown shanghai - qantas first, but as they always do, they've sent me immediately and after some chinese-hardcore-phone-arguing to cathay pacific instead. oneworld "alliance" .... whenever i have to deal with something that involves both cathay and qantas you can be sure that they do something to kick the other's butt

in this case it meant for the poor (and very hot) cathay girl that she had to spend hours recalculating my ticket, checking rules, finding seats and all that stuff. well, actually it just shows once again that china is still pretty inefficient in pretty much everything: they just throw 10 times as many people at a problem than necessary... good old commie style!

so anyway, it took her the whole day, but i got my rerouted ticket now! including moved flight dates. my earliest arrival back in zurich is now end of june. i paid a lot though (200 chf) but at least i got a seat this week and split up stockholm - zurich into stockholm - helsinki - zurich (which will be further enhanced by a sidetrip to riga of course!)

since i'm no longer getting up early for 8am flights the earliest possible date was saturday 31 march. but that gives me time to explore hangzhou near shanghai for a 2 day trip.

i am waiting for conformation of my hostel in bangkok - not khao san road, but a downtown backpacker fav called suk 11... we'll see. they got thai massages for 250 baht hehe

now i gotta hurry up - shanghai museum will probably be killed of my todo list and replaced by some serious shopping

and i am already preparing myself to switch from scammer-detection to ladyboy-detection for thailand - that's a whole lot uglier than paying some yuan extra hehe
photo by: Chokk