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... then he has beaten japan at its own game: turbo-sightseeing! hai!

after the unproductive last few days nara had to be conquered in only a few hours today and that mission was accomplished! not only that but brave marco-san also changed the hostel and is close to becoming a tv star in japan! and he didn't need a bus and a bus load of swiss to succeed, he just captured a deer for the speed boost and did nara cowboy style! kidding

but let's start in the morning and switch to the less heroic first person view.

i wanted to get up at about 7, changed that while sleeping to 8 and finally got up at about 8:30 because i was so happy about my productive evening the night before: i caught up with some of the lost episodes i am lagging behind and it was so satisfying to get some lost-fix after that long long while (eko!!! freckles you slut!)

anyways, no sweat this night, no waking up in the middle of it. i slept like a baby and woke up full with energy for nara (and the 15 minutes walk to my new hostel...)
i'm staying in the j hoppers kyoto now, the sister-hostel to the one i was at in hiroshima, and i knew instantly that it was a good choice to switch!

i hurried to the station where the nara train just arrived and so i was on my way to japan's first capital

nara is amazing! imagine a historical town, full with japanese temples, sculptures, plants, etc and everywhere deer roaming around! i am not kidding, the animals are everywhere (especially at places where you can buy deer food...) and don't run away if you come near. they happily approach you as a flock if you walk around eating nuts (that was my speed boost mentioned above hehe)

being here at night or during cherry blossom weeks must be breathtaking! its not possible to describe how beautiful it is even now and pictures can't tell the full story

but since i don't want to write a novel about my path through nara the pictures have to tell at least the short story...

ah, the tv star bit: i got interviewed by some tv crew that made a report about why tourists stay in kyoto rather than in nara hehe

now back in kyoto i deserved to watch the next missing lost episodes! or at least i would love to if this obnoxious english bloke here in the hostel wouldn't stop trying to hit on the japanese staff girl, its so ridiculous that's its funny.

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photo by: yasuyo