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so, ko samui, the most famous east coast island of thailand, probably one of the most famous beach destinations in this world... what's my first impression? take a guess...


ko samui SUCKS

beach: mediocre... looks like an italian 3rd rate beach... i'm not a beach person, but it's not hard to see how overrated it is.. i'm right at the middle of chaweng beach and the water is boiling hot (no cooling down), the sand is not really that white, it's cramped, stones in the water, dirty water and people are a mix between chavs and older package tourists.

nightlife: a disaster... this was the whole deal of me even coming here.. of me choosing a place right near nightclub soi. so what about nightclub soi? it's more of a bargirls-soi with 2 tourist clubs in it that were both empty at 00:15 (and i think close at 02:00).
i found one ok bar with good sound and nice decor (solo bar) down the main street but they had a pool table (biggst turn off ever in a stylish bar), and bar girls too. it's off season i know, but this is ridiculous.

people: terrible terrible folks around here... to give an example: when i was asking the songtao driver to stop at burger king one chick asked if i'm hungry. i replied that i like burger king so much that i will sleep there for the next few nights (which, if she knew me better, is actually not that far away from the truth) with a smile. when we stopped she asked 'hey, are you really staying at burger king??'. that's about as clever as people get around here. there are hordes of english chav blokes, some couples, some older folks (germany/uk) and some retarted single girl groups in the mix.
it's terrible. and only a few thais besides the bargirls.

at least my resort is ok, i'm staying at the chaweng gardens beach resort which is middle class and my cheap ass bungalow (standard similar to pai) is 600 baht which is lower tier in ko samui. but only 20m away from the beach and 20m away from the main street, 'nightlife' area. friendly staff and good security.

ah yeah... samui is overpriced. even though everything is packed with guesthouses/resorts/hotels/restaurants/cafes/international chains/etc, prices are a lot lot lot higher than anywhere else... it's an island, ok, but everything seems to have a 50% samui premium on top of it... no more ko samet island life :(

i took revenge by eating in a place with free refill coke... haha bad idea when having me as a customer. felt better after emptying about 3 liters of coke with my overpriced meal :)

Eric says:
That sucks -- at least they have a burger king, though :P Did you get a chance to try in-and-out burgers when you were in California?
Posted on: Jun 18, 2007
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sorry i'm lagging behind... im too lazy to find a shop that lets me connect my laptop to upload the 6 or so blog entries

so i'm in ko samui at the moment, it's one overrated & overpriced piece of crap full with chavs and i'm looking where to run to next as i am a bit worried that the other east islands are equally fucked up :)


constantquantum says:
so sad. 15-20 years ago Koh Samui was paradise. i wonder if anyone will finally devise a formula on how NOT to turn a backpacker's 'out of the way paradise' discovery into an overpriced, overdeveloped tourist trap
Posted on: Aug 31, 2007
Koh Samui
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