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after the forbidden city i wanted to "get real" and skip the tours to the great wall (which often stop for jade factory shopping tour emprisonment on the way) and do it the public transportation way according to lonely planet

i wanted to go to huanghua but ended up in mutianyu

every tour started at 6:30 or around that time, i decided to get up at 8 and finally stood up at 9 after a long discussion with my inner self if i really should do another tourist thing or just lie in bed all day. but i got up eventually and got on my great journey to the great wall.

subway to dongzhimen long distance bus station was easy, finding the station was not. but luckily there was a stop for my bus just near the station and i was excited about taking the first hurdle. for some reason it cost 11 yuan instead of 8 (i won't asume something evil here for once) and it took about 2 hours instead of 1.5 (we can blame traffic a bit). kinda comfortable if it wasn't for the idiot passengers who open windows in an aircon bus.

got to huairou where i was immediately greeted by illegal cab drivers instead of a minibus station. as i found out later the bus drivers of course drop you of there instead of the real huairou station where you can find the minibusses... anyway so i was argueing with the kinda english speaking head honcho of the gang until we were both happy (still overcharging me a bit, but i didn't care anymore) and we settled for mutianyu since huanghua would probably be not accessible at the moment.

he even picked up his sister for some reason which stayed on the back seat for the whole trip... strange

anyway, he brought me there, i climbed through the millions of tourist shops up to the wall, walked between some towers and got down again. according to mao's judgement i'm a real man now which makes me a happy man and i got some great pics out of it. especially cool since i only saw about 7 other tourists on the wall in total and none of them in my pics, yeah!

back in the hostel at 5ish (haha why get up at 6?) and meet the nice german doctor lady again and we went for dinner in a korean bbq shop nearby. two things noteworthy - their tables have holes in it were they stuff some charcoil grill in (haha health and safety anyone?) and you can order tons of meat and veggies that they will throw on it for you - we didn't feel like the dog meat option (3 out of about 10 meat choices were dog!!) and went for great beef! was yummi

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a great new feature for flickr:

subsets!!!! finally! especially now that i have tons of sets this feature is a god send

when i have more time i will create all the collections for my sets, for the moment just back to new zealand

also notice the new layout for the main page... i'm going big for a while hehe

btw, internet speed is slow here in beijing and not many inet cafes... so my pics will be major out of sync here in china. got some great pics of forbidden city & great wall that have to wait...

more on the great wall later today, though
photo by: Deats