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lessons learned while travelling... while write a follow up when ready :)

  • bottled water is the biggest rip off known to mankind
  • reading a book in a hostel common room or backpacker cafe means: "if you think we fit together, talk to me", reading a lonely planet there means "talk to me, i'm desperate!"
  • don't listen to people recommending good hiking boots for tourist hiking tracks, teva sandals are almost always fine if the temperature allows for it
  • for every month of travelling i lose one kg of weight and my bag gains one kg of weight
  • always back up your pictures
  • kids are the traveller's nemesis
  • a hostel with free internet, laundry or lockers often comes cheaper than the cheapest hostel where everything costs extra
  • when travelling, eat breakfast
  • stereotypes of locals are always wrong, stereotypes of travellers are always true
  • boxed wine has the best price to getting drunk ratio... by far
  • lower bunks are better than upper bunks
  • if you need a cheap, good and energy boosting breakfast, absolutely nothing beats a mcdonalds mcmuffin & bacon meal
  • always carry a camera of some kind
  • you remember people longer than most places
  • if nobody sees your valuables they are less likely to be stolen
  • once you appreciate waiting or "non-productive" time, travelling becomes philosophical
  • having a blog and uploading pictures to flickr is efficient communication-wise and keeps you going
  • there is nothing as satisfying as travelling alone
  • carrying a laptop is worth its weight
  • always carry a fleece when travelling in hot countries, air condition!
  • recharching your electronic items is a p-i-t-a
  • an ipod (nano) is worth its weight in gold when travelling
  • the fastest, cheapest and most common internet access possibilities are in poor countries
  • snickers is the best hiking snack
  • there is nothing you have to do, if you don't want to do a certain sightseeing thing, just don't do it
  • walking & getting lost is the best way to explore a new city
  • dress as the locals do, especially during the night
  • don't put anything in your checked in bag that you won't need for the night after a flight
  • never ever miss a toilet stop if you have the opportunity
  • always carry more water & snacks than you think you'll need
  • traveller talk always starts with "where are you from" and ends with a discussion of the different meanings of "thong" around the english speaking world
  • never miss a brewery tour
  • hostelworld.com reviews are censored, those of hostelz.com are not
  • book exchanges have an own entropy/evolution: only the bad books survive
  • walking alone through dodgy streets in south america at night is a bigger adrenaline kick than doing a bungy jump
  • you always & anywhere meet socially inclined girls that are studying or having working holidays in australia
  • in yha's you get old people and kids
  • not all scandinavians are blonde
  • australia(ns) has no culture
  • lonely planets are always 50% over retail price in traveller hotspot bookshops
  • never do a tour if you could do it without
  • staying in hostels is a creativity boost for sex in unusual locations
  • commonwealth nations like alcohol
  • travelling by plane is exhausting, travelling by bus and train is interesting
  • girls act strange when on vacation or drunk and crazy when both
  • never go where tourists go, try to get to know locals as soon as possible
  • never book more than 1 or 2 nights in a hostel in advance unless there is a event in town; bad hostels won't let you cancel nights and good ones let you easily stay longer
  • your passport is more important than your money
  • employed hostel staff is usually the lowest of the job food chain and they are quite often the biggest jerks in town
  • if a bus driver, hostel staff or someone else in the tourist sector recommends something: don't listen, he probably gets a commission
  • falling in love is better than falling out of an airplane
  • if you want fun in a hostel, go to the cheapest one
  • if you want to relax, go to the most expensive one
  • if you want to steal a laptop, go to the one with free wireless internet
  • people at quiet hostels are often more interesting
  • not everyone in south america wants to kill you
TravellinChic says:
Fast learner :)
Posted on: Jan 09, 2012
highlandmist says:
walking & getting lost is what i do best ;)
Posted on: Dec 05, 2007
highlandmist says:
thanks for the tips, i've bookmarked them :)
Posted on: Dec 05, 2007
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