last night & day in miami... and close to tears... :)

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yesterday evening, i had one of the situations where a hostel would have been more practical than being hosted by someone.. i was locked out :-)

not on purpose of course, but its kind of an interesting situation sitting in front of a locked door in a 100% residential suburban area without a car... luckily i still had the number of another couchsurfer which luckily was at home and saved me from going to the homeless shelter :-)

not only she saved me, but we also went to the impressive carnival center in downtown miami where we could sneak into the running performance using the "the tourist wants to see how great this place is" card... after that, there was a free dance performance in front of the center, which was really good, especially the music

after a pizza at the still busy lincoln road, she even drove me back to my host, which appeared meanwhile

so... after all, still pro couch surfing around the world - bad situations lead to the most interesting experiences, i probably wouldnt have experienced the "arty" side of miami otherwise :-)

on the last morning, i just went to downtown and explored this area. i also wanted to ride the metrotrain/mover, the miami one rail train... miami public transportation is really bad, public busses are always late and complicated to use... but the metrotrain is really great, if only it would connect more places

next time in miami: 2 weeks with a rental car :-) miami music conference 2008, here i come!
rayray says:
miami is simply heaven isnt it :-)
Posted on: Jun 24, 2007
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no, not many day dreams of pink flamingos and multicolored sunsets, but instead i slept from 8 pm until noon of the next day! rio and the flight from rio were just too exhausting it seems :-)

i also felt a cold coming after waking up... who gets a cold in rio? i'm ashamed hehe... i blame the rain and the air conditioning everywhere.. but thank god there are some nice beaches in miami that will save me!

first i took some pics of coral glades, the art deco suburbanish area where i'm staying, everything feels made for cars around here :-)

after that, off to miami beach i am but before relaxing on the beach, one of the less interesting tasks of travelling had to be done first: finding an accommodation in new york... couchsurfing, hospitalityclub or hostel? and where in ny? manhattan or brooklyn? i chose a hostel in brooklyn because of its concept, the strange location and the price... but it takes forever to organize everything on the move

but later i could enjoy the great weather and beach and even found the time to do some celebrity hunting for a canadian friend of mine: the "stars" of the reality tv show of miami ink, a tattoo studio in south beach... never felt that touristy before in my life hehe

first perfect use of my new cam hehe
photo by: ellieperla