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a place where legends were born, leo drank snake blood, the expression 'backpacker ghetto' was forged and you won't see a single thai person not there for business.

it's simply indescribable what khao san road looks like. it's the perfect, number 1 spot for people watching. there is a mix of billions of tourists, and of course, millions of tuktuk drivers, scammers, streetshop-keeepers (very often all in one person)

because of my changed travel plans i was at the same time in bangkok as nick & emma, the wonderful couple i've met in datong & pingyao 2 weeks ago. so we had reunion night in the place of places for traveller meetups. they will head south tomorrow but who knows, our paths crossed on mysterious ways before.

i changed today into my new guesthouse which is surprisingly nice for ksr, its in the first sidestreet right at the burger king end. perfect location and nicely done. 280 baht is also quite a good deal for the standard & location so i'm happy. but damn, too many mosquitos around! i'm lying in boxershorts on my bed as i type this up and get attacked constantly even though there's mosquito nets at the windows... hmm give it a few more days and i look like in the pantanal again

nightlife in ksr is the full cusco experience all over again: you step into a backpacker bar/club, you instantly have 6 thai girls dancing around you and so on... but while it was easy in cusco as you just had to check if they were on a business night out or not here you first have to check if they are even female hehe
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photo by: Deats