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before i get to the financials, a quick look at some general stats...

number of times i've been:
robbed: 0
mugged: 0
pickpocketed: 0
injured: 0
strangled: 0
beaten up: 0
kidnapped: 0
killed: 0 (thank god for that one!)
screamed at: ca. 2'323'532 times... mostly in mandarin

number of times i:
was denied a room w/ reservation: 1
made out with a ladyboy: 0 (i always checked, at least for pre op!)
was too drunk to find my way home: 0
was overcharged: uncountable...
said 'fuck off': uncountable...
did not curse for having a backpack instead of a rollie: 2
missed a long distance bus / train / plane: 0
lost my bag: 1 (well, american airlines did...)
got my bag back: 1
forgot something in a room: 0
couchsurfed: 4
had sex: just kidding
had my credit card blocked: 2
claimed insurance: 2
wrote 'traveler' as occupation: every time
used fake names to register: not quite that often
had a fever: 3

number of:
pictures taken: about 10'000
places visited: about 200
countries visited: 25
passport pages filled: 16
km traveled: about 95'000
foreign currencies in my pockets: 8

so and now the financials... it's really hard to tell as i gave up on accounting on a daily basis pretty early hehe

total trip cost including rtw ticket, flights, the group tour in south america, insurance and my flashpacker travelling style but excluding laptop and other big 'special' expenses for 9 months was:

USD 19'500
or around USD 73 per day, all inclusive.
damn i splurged :-)

without the rtw ticket my per day travel spending was USD 54 (or USD 14'500 in total)

cant be bothered to break it down per continent or without the group tour which would probably cut a handful of USD of the daily average. also the real number is probably lower as there are some other costs in there i couldn't be bothered to exclude.
TravellinChic says:
nice stat...funny too :) now, where's the powerpoint on this?
Posted on: Jan 09, 2012
Transitory says:
very entertaining blog
Posted on: Oct 03, 2009
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