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definition of good luck:

going on the inca trail 4day hike in rainy season, without proper sleeping bag / thermarest and then having a total of 20 minutes rain over 4 days... climbing down to machu picchu to find the ruins in plain sunshine

definition of bad luck:

going on the inca trail 4day hike and getting every possible disease that one does not want on such a hike, i.e. i got a bad cold, diarrhea, heavy headaches and other altitude sickness symptoms with my body shutting down to low power after lunch time because of the sun

but damn, it was great fun... finally some physical activity after the relaxing cruise through south america so far

the whole hike was only about 45km spread over 4 days, but with some inclines (1200m on day 2, dead woman's pass) and in high altitude in general with the usual associated problems. but the big plus are the porters and guides that help you on your journey

our group of 13 people had 19 porters and 2 guides. the porters carry incredible 28kg each over the whole trail, some of them are cooks, waiters, etc... the guides give tons of insight information about plants / ruins / background stories, etc. the work they did was really incredible, seeing them passing us running with 28kg on their backs while we were coughing and out of breath fighting the steps...

ahh steps... there are a LOT of them. uphill or downhill, the steps are everywhere and are really a pain in the ass. not to mention dead woman's pass which i decided to hike up without breaks where there are not only tons of steps but also lamas in your way whose spitting you have to dodge

but back to the porters: cooks were incredible; we got 3 warm meals a day with soup / mousse / etc and it was absolutely perfect! also the tents were always prepared when we arrived, we got a bowl of water / soap, some tea and nice smiles / people everywhere. all the porters are from rural communities from the region and really show the beautiful side of peru.

on the inca trail you also get introduced to chewing coca leaves... all the time... addictive stuff, but a great distraction while trying to beat the neverending steps

arriving at the sun gate before machu picchu today felt great, finally the goal was in front of your eyes! and besides everyone expecting otherwise, the weather was once again perfect, bright sunshine over the impressive ruins

sybil says:
aaaahhhh... i loved this hike!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2007
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photo by: Vlindeke