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after enjoying the night back in auckland with already known but still lovely company it was once again time to get up early the next day

on the way from auckland to rotorua we stopped first at a shearing facility for german angola rabbits, fluffy white thingies that need to be sheared regularly to survive. the whole procedure was rather brutal but funny, neat stuff! :-)

the 3 hour lunch break was spent in waitomo where we had the chance to do black water rafting in one of the caves around the town with the bonus of seeing glowworms there - i couldnt resist and jumped into a wetsuit to explore the caves

normally i'm not a big fan of activities, but i was absolutely stunned by the whole thing: we were swimming in rubber tires around, some parts in complete darkness under the sky of green shining glowworms (actually glowworm excrement :-) ), could jump and glide down some waterfalls and just had a good time, 3 hours well spent!

but there is no time to rest in rotorua as i already signed up for white water rafting the next day: the rafting in peru was only class 3.5 rapids and rather boring, so this class 5 rapids combined with a 7m waterfall jump surely must be more exciting :-)
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after the long day in auckland the next 3 days were to be spent travelling to the north of new zealand, to cape reinga while being based in the lovely little beach town pahia which reminded me a lot of ilha grande in brazil

getting up early in the morning was not easy and the drive up to paiha was long and with stops at a kauri museum (could not be bothered) and a big huge bloody kauri tree in a forest on the way.. brillant!

i was so looking forward to my night in the quiet yha in paiha to make up for all the lost sleep... or so i thought - yha was booked out and i was placed in the pipi patch hostel, the biggest party hostel near and far

great! exactly what i needed, loud drunk teens and a (even more so in the morning) mixed dorm :-)

normally i wouldnt complain, but after the last 2 days all i needed was SLEEP... it didnt help that i had to get up at 0630 to catch the bus up north to the cape. ahhh anyways, i survived and enjoyed my second night even more! i met a group of kiwis who were celebrating their finished tourism school by travelling around their country and joined a speed dating event later... only to find out that speed dating isnt really a quality of mine hehe

also my first clubbing night in flip flops! never again :-)

but between the getting up early and the night out i was driving up north to cape reinga, while visiting a lot of beautiful spots on the way to the lighthouse at the cape where the tasman sea and the pacific ocean meet... or so i heard since there was a huge bloody misty cloud right behind the lighthouse!

weather at the beach was fine though and a nice place to relax during lunchtime

but the biggest impression left the 90 miles beach (which is actually 90km long hehe) - sitting in a bus driving along the water front was great and ended at a nice rocky spot before we headed sandboarding.. much bigger fun than in peru 2 months ago :-)

flickr set: paihia & cape reinga
photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee