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from the pantanal we headed to bonito, a small touristy town in brazil, for 2 nights in order to return to normal lodging standards... and there are almost no mosquitos here, what a relief!

as there is not much to see in bonito itself and the heat isn't too comfortable either i decided to head into one of the many caves in the area... the rest of the group went snorkelling, but i couldnt be bothered to do it, especially since i will be able to do it a lot cheaper & with a better view in thailand

prices are already up heavily in comparison to bolivia... being in an emerging market country means basically western prices; the "no business sense at all" culture of bolivia is gone... tourists get ripped off around here the legal way hehe

anyway... almost better than the caves was how i got there: on a moto-taxi, meaning on back of a motobike... that doesn't sound too bad, but considering the brazilian racing culture and dirt roads it was quite... entertaining (read: i've never been closer to death than on those 2x30minutes bike rides)

the caves itself were very nicely prepared and the guide, although portugese only (why do the they need another language here, especially since i just started to understand the basic meaning of spanish sentences?), was very good and explained a lot... i only understood 'stalagmite', though

tomorrow will be a relax-day in the waterpark near bonito and then the night bus to the foz de iguacu... looking forward to the nice scenery
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photo by: razorriome