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finally, today it was time to visit phi phi lay ( / leh), the sister island where the beach from the movie 'the beach' was filmed.

still skeptical about boat trips since the debacle in nha trang i only booked a sunset tour from 1500 to 1900. tours are quite expensive (450 baht) partly because of national park fees, but include non-alcoholic drinks and fried rice dinner.

and the boat trip was actually quite nice! the backpacker crowd on board and a quiet guide :)

first stop for some snorkeling and kayaking was great! quiet, little bay to kayak to (i paired up with a belgian guy just coming back from climbing mt. everest... ) and loads of fishes around the boat to snorkel around in (with help of some food being thrown into the water...)

after that, maya beach.
. 'the beach'... since the waves were too bad we couldn't actually go into the bay (or probably because that costs an extra fee for the operators hehe) so we took the back entrance, a hole in some rocks leading to a path to the beach.

wrapped my cam in everything i had and put it worrying in the dry bag where all cams were taken across and jumped into the water, 50m away from the safety ropes next to the hole.

funny thing is, if there are waves in the bay, those waves are also on our spot. there were also rocks everywhere and a nice cliff where the waves are throwing you constantly at. health and safety in thailand, yeah baby!

surviving it, it was great fun though :) nobody got seriously hurt but almost everyone had some bleeding feet or arms after arriving on the other side of the hole... where the fun didn't end, barefoot walking over pointy little stones for 20m to the safe sandy path.

in the movie they swam a few km to the islands? fuck that... i want to see leo surviving those rocks! :)

but once we were on the beach, everyone was even more enjoying the view: an empty, gorgeous, perfect beach. we were the first of the sunset boats to arrive and it was absolutely deserted. not so much garbage around too which was quite nice and beautiful turquoise water. by far the most beautiful beach i've seen so far, framed between limestone rocks.

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photo by: forevert2