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boarding the plane to bangkok was a mixed feeling: i was happy to leave china but was worried about thailand, especially bangkok, being the big touristy place that as several times before everyone loves but i hate.

but those fears vanished quickly... bangkok is close to perfection, 15 degrees celsius less heat and it would be flawless. once i digested the shock of walking into a wall of heat (31 at 8pm...) i was confronted with big thai smiles, english speaking people, charming & helpful staff, and the (probably soon getting old) buddha-style-thank-you-bows.

being a month in china helped a bit i supposed as after that even the unfriendliest person on earth appears as a big charmer. but anyway, i stayed two nights in sukhumvit and have now changed into a leo-dicaprio style guesthouse room at khao san road.

i arrived at my hostel suk 11 in sukhumvit at 10pm on saturday with a bit of a bummer when i found out that the advertised lockers dont really exist.. grrrr (gonna buy one of those safety meshes now) but other than that, great hostel with loads of atmosphere. but after weeks of party-less nights i had only one thing in my mind, the reason why i stayed in suk at the first place: finding myself a 18yo thai girl! haha just kidding - CLUBBING!

right down the street there is a brilliant nightclub and although it was too hot to even move and all the clubs shut down at 2am it was perfect! my whiskey coke was 240baht but i got a buddha-bow for it, great :-) no cover charge & going back to get my id because i charmed myself inside doing the usual 'im a new in town & tired tourist and just wanna have a quick look'

inside a healthy mix of westerners, stunning thai girls, stunning professional thai girls plus great music. it was so much fun! as for the thai girls: it's a lot like in peru, since the girls not out for your money don't really want to be associated with that image you have to work a bit for getting closer hehe. loads of flirting going on but there's a barrier where you both sides check the other sides intentions first :-)

it's funny because bangkok is really as bad as you imagine it. tons of old and/or ugly western guys with young (VERY young) thai girls at their side... it's simply disgusting to watch.

i thought sukhumvit is a nice business area... ohhh boy was i wrong. firstly, all the big gogo bars are right there (didn't get the chance to visit, yet, first have to calibrate my ladyboy-detector harhar). secondly there's a huge street market with the usual fake stuff being sold (same prices as in china, but much less bargaining necessary) with prostitutes sitting around in between the stalls. i was walking down alone and in 5 minutes had about 5 girls grabbing me, tickling me, whispering business proposals into my ear... crazy

but everything is so dodgy, edgy, seedy, it's fantastic. people watching paradise... apropos, let's talk about khao san road later!

i could not resist watching 300 again in the biggest thai screen at the local multiplex. well worth the money as the thai movie trailers were hilarious and i totally forgot about the special tributes to the thai king... i won't judge as long as i'm in thailand, as i don't want to spend 10 years in prison as the swiss guy who was convicted last week, but it was kinda interesting... here's the deal:

after the trailers a message appeared on the screen: 'please pay your tributes to the king', with farmland pics in the background and the king's face floating around the screen and some elevator music in the background. all the tourists in the cinema starring at each other in confusion, all the thai people standing up. not sure what to do we stood up as well for about 5 minutes while the king was floating around. that was it and after that, sitting down and 2 hours of persians getting slaughtered. interesting
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photo by: Deats