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as mentioned briefly in my entry from yesterday skydiving is probably the most impressive thing i've done so far

although the whole jump lasts for minutes your body pumps you full with energy the second you are hanging out of the plane and you lose all feeling for time & space while you do your turns and moves during the freefall with the feeling not stopping for hours after the jump

i had to wait around 30 hours for my jump praying for clouds and winds to disappear - the bad weather which made the tongariro crossing impossible seemed to be a bad omen but luckily for us we had a window of opportunity (i.e. a hole in the dark clouds) at around 3pm and started our journey up into the clouds while it was still raining on the landing space

taupo is the skydive mecca of new zealand and everything feels safe & organized - the tandem masters have thousands of jumps each and make you feel comfortable (which is a nice thing considering your life depends on a handful of connections between you and your tandem master)

i got assigned to freddy, one heck of a crazy german skydive maniac but was very happy - loads of spins during the freefall was great fun

15'000 feet is VERY high, you even get gloves because its freezing up there... thank god you don't have a chance to chicken out during the last seconds as you simply can't.. .once you're up, you go down the fast way :-)

one last look into the cam to capture your scared face while your heart rate goes up and off you go.... directly into a summersault after which you need a few seconds to realize where you are and feel the adrenalin shooting up your body. my contact lenses couldn't deal with the situation and added to the confusion but stopped wandering around after a few seconds so i could enjoy the view

but since i opted for the bloody camera option at the same time you have to concentrate on the guy filming you while you are not really in control of anything you do and are overwhelmed by excitement and feelings

one minute later the freefall is over and you parachute down... not without another moment of fear when your belts are loosened so you can sit more comfortable... it's not comfortable having someone tweaking with your safety gear while you are still a few hundred meters over ground :-)

before the smooth landing we did some turns with the parachute and enjoyed the view over lake taupo and the volcanos around (including 'mount doom' of lord of the rings fame of course)

still high on the experience we had our video & pictures edited and proudly chose a tshirt as a souvenir

after all i can't stress enough how much worth skydiving is the money! an unforgettable experience and a new perspective on the world and into yourself :-)

i definitely plan to do a solo jumping training once i'm back into a more settled (and financially better hehe) life :-) i got hooked!
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photo by: carpefunk