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na just kidding, couldn't resist the pun hehe

there's a special event / arrangement i haven't yet mentioned to anyone that keeps me in singapore until friday so i have loads of days to spare and, thanks to the aircon available everywhere in this 1st world country, i got a pretty bad cold that keeps me down.

what that special thing is will be disclosed later today or this week :)

thank god there's some awesome hawker food center (lavender) 5mins away from the hostel so i didn't starve, and of course i bought an ez-link card which gets me quickly (and freezing cold) from a to b. so i toured some shopping centers because im thinking of splurging on a video cam (canon hv20 is my target) because it's something i've never tried and you have to buy some electronics in singapore, right?

speaking of that... as in hong kong, people's perception of the price situation is very wrong... the big brand name consumer electronics are the same price as in hong kong which is about the same price as online shopping it in europe, including taxes - maybe excluding 5usd shipping. so the whole thing is pretty much a farce nowadays with everyone cashing in on the stupid tourists who think everything is cheap here.

you get cheap chinese crap / fakes cheaper than in europe but the selection here in singapore is very small compared to hong kong. i've visited sin lam center or something like that, it's a 1:1 copy with the dodgy it shopping malls in shanghai, hong kong and to an extend tokyo. no price tags, people getting ripped off, lots of fakes around.

so im still on a mission to find the best deal for the cam and dont know if i buy it at all. and if everything else fails there is still singapore airport which might be an option :)

not only electronics shopping is the same as in the other big asian cities, the subway / mrt is the exact same system, at least two of the shanghai/hk/tokyo have the same maps, the same trains & the same exit labelling system, maybe even all 3 - cant remember those things that well :)

so that was it so far... im surprised how cheap my daily costs are, i spend less than in bangkok since i pay about 10usd for the dorm, 10usd for food and 5-10usd for extras. my golden 1/3 rule which i try to live by whereever i am.

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photo by: easyjobrob