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after partying i arrived back in my bungalow on ko phangan at 5am and the alarm clock rang at 5:45am.... pickup for the ferry to the mainland. needless to say i was less than pleased about my decision to take the 7am ferry. and i was being lazy again and just booked via hotel, but they were nice and so i can book the extra few baht premium as tip :)

this time i had the raja car ferry directly from phangan to the don sak pier in surat thani, which is a 1 hour bus ride out of town. the car ferry is much better than the stupid songserm boat i had on the way to samui. less tourists, more space / legroom, better stuff to buy. quite relaxing, even though i slept through it, at least as long as the israelis also direct from partying would not overdub the israeli popsongs on their radio.... :)

besides, i didnt mention before how many israelis are on phangan. yep, those stereotypical big loud groups of fresh-out-of-army israelis. i won't say much more but i was happy to no longer have dorm rooms :) but still better than those obnoxious swiss people hehe

so anyway... 09:30 in don sak, where everyone was boarded on the bus to surat thani. as on the way there, the flock of ksr tourists had their destination stickers in bright colors on the shirts as they already bought tickets to phuket, krabi, etc and i was the only one doing it independently... once again.

one hour later the bus dropped us off in surat thani town and i had to fight my way through the touts wanting to convert me to a sticker-person as well :) i walked 5 minutes and found the real, public bus station and after some confusion (no ticket office, but millions of fake official agencies) and asking around i found a aircon bus labelled krabi and paid the driver directly. he turned on the aircon and i chilled for a while as it was 1:15 hours wait to departure.

15 minutes for departure, suddenly the krabi-sticker-tourist-flock arrived on my bus as well! i was surprised that they actually were sent on a government bus... anyway, they told me they were driven around for an hour and dropped of at a commissioned restaurant on the way and were less than pleased hehe

in krabi the bus stopped conveniently at another travel agency and the touts were of course carrying the big bags inside. i took mine and walked away, tout coming "hey, where you go" - "town!" - "i got songtao, in 10 minutes coming", of course all the tourist lemmings buying overpriced tickets to islands etc during that time. i said my good byes, walked 1 minute to the other side of the station and found an empty songtao leaving immediately and dropping me off at my guesthouse for the same price... yeah, beat the system again!

southern thailand is a vietnam-like tourist ripoff area. but still easy to do it independently, it just takes guts to walk in direction y when all other tourists walk to x hehe

chan cha lay guesthouse in krabi town is beautiful (but the rainy weather isn't...) - 200 baht / night finally back in backpacker land! only for one night as today i'm going to ko phi phi and staying in a 800/baht boutique guesthouse hehe i figured with the weather being so cloudy and rainy i base myself in a nice equipped guesthouse in town first before heading into the next cheap bungalow.

i'm excited, phi phi sure looks great on pictures and i hope the weather will improve so i can take some pics myself.
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photo by: forevert2