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yeah i made it... my hotel in hanoi still had my bag in storage and even a room! unfortunately the same as before so again a lot of steps up... nice after the up and down hikes in sapa :-)

train ride back to hanoi was not that pleasant... i noticed that the ticket guy made a mistake when writing my seat number, in compartment 4 there is no bed 1... so i pointed that mistake out to 3 different people but they were all 'ok ok ok ok'.. so i didn't bother and just went to the ticket lady at the train and showed my ticket. she was a bit confused and i pointed out that he probably wrote the wrong bed number since i insisted on lower bunk this time.

bad idea: she did the good old chinese way of dealing with people who speak english which is yelling at you and screaming "NOOO" in your face over and over... i wasn't in the mood for an argument so i just hopped into bed number one which was upper bunk AGAIN. train was half empty though, only had another passenger in the compartment but i still couldn't sleep for the whole trip for some reason

arrived at 5 in hanoi, dodged a billion of motodrivers who were very persistent which i replied to with a friendly 'fuck off' which stopped them from chasing me after 100m

nothing was open yet and i didn't expect my hotel to be open so i walked to the lake... not expecting what i will encounter there: hundreds, thousands of vietnamese people in jogging wear doing their morning aerobics while eurodance classics were played on big stereos. damn, i saw the asian fitness vibe already in hong kong and other parts of china where they did some tai chi and had those workout thingies in the parks, but this was huge... half hanoi was dancing away around the lake (half of them overweight :-) ) with even some tourists participating

i thought i saw some entrepreneurship when i discovered a lady weighing people for a bit of money but was disappointed as there was one of them set up every 50m

walked back to the old quarter where the overpriced tamarind cafe opened and had a big muesli for breakfast before checking into the hotel where i more or less slept for the rest of the day :-)

woke up with a big headache so don't know yet if i can do more sightseeing today, besides i have to catch up with 'lost', bloody addiction!
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photo by: mario26