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ok i was really really sad to leave japan. being back in tokyo for 2 nights and also visiting chi in her bar again i was reminded how much i love tokyo and i should definitely try to spend some time there. this city is my perfect match

nevertheless as several times before it was time to move on today and go to the next adventure: hong kong! and to be honest i was not too fond of going at all... not only because of japan but i felt just tired of moving again and didn't have much interest in hong kong. it didn't help that i had to get up at 5:40 to catch the train to narita airport on time either :-)

so here i was, once again at the airport, moving to the next big unknown. i knew hong kong will be harder than tokyo but i had no idea what to expect exactly

but first i had my first flight with cathay pacific, an airline that already managed to impress me by the easy one-call flight moving process, and it was quite nice. not as nice an onboard entertainment system as qantas but i still managed to watch the 2 high class (ehrm) movies rocky balboa (the new one) and a night at the museum. i didn't get the whole drama rocky though... what a confusing movie

anyways so i landed into hong kong and ... oh... what a gorgeous airport. most impressive airport so far: modern, big, light... i like!

40hkd bus transfer right to my hostel: i like, too! can't be too bad here it seems :-)

and that bus ride is one hell of a bus ride... what a gorgeous, unbelievable, impressive drive! island hopping with amazing ships, ports, skyscrapers, bridges, hotels, mansions, etc! biggest wow effect so far

after finding my hostel i went for a stroll and i am even more impressed... it's like tokyos evil twin: dark, shabby, dirty, noisy etc... fish boxes lying on the streets, customers putting their cigarettes half into the meat at the market, chickens hanging everywhere.. it stinks, its filthy... short: I LOVE IT

damn, i really like my first impression, tomorrow i go on some missions: getting my business visa for china in a one day turbo processing, getting a nintendo ds 'backup' solution, getting dodgy shops at nathan road trying to rip me off etc.... i'm excited ehehe

my hostel is cute btw... no space, but makes a clean & safe impression...and free in room wireless with 400kb/s bittorrent downstream atm hehe but it seems that its one of the better hostels in hong kong, didn't hear much good before... but its sad that there is no common room here, though
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i like!
Hong Kong
photo by: Sunflower300