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one more day and they will adopt me, i'm sure :)

after the final fitting round this afternoon i got invited yet another time to come to the house of one family member which is situated right at the beach for dinner. of course i said yes and had one of the best culture insights of my whole trip.

surviving a suicidal mototrip with the 16 yo cousin over the bumby road during a stunning, breathtaking and simply amazing sunset to the beach i was introduced to another 15 family members and it's getting hard to keep track of who is the cousin / sister / brother / father of whom and so on :)

her house is at the 'locals beach', a few 100m north of the 'tourist beach' where i was during the day... i got a lot of curious looks what this western guy was doing here :) we strolled around the beach while the cute and over-energetic young girls where going for a swim in the dark.
the view was amazing, the city lights of danang to the left and the island lights in front.

later it was time for dinner: everyone sitting around plastic tables on plastic chairs (open air of course), nicely grouped by gender and age... so i got sat with the older guys and had a never emptying glass of beer in front of me... the table was quickly filled with loads of plates with local food taking care that i try everything, so i did my social goodwill and even took a bite of squid which was not to bad, tasted like rubber though.

the motoride back into town was equally scenic (and scary). in town i got the chance to participate in another vietnam classic, being one of 4 (thats four!!!) people on 1 (one!!!) motorbike. i got a lot of wondering & jealous looks of other tourists hehe

we went for another round of sugarshake at one of the open air drinkbars along the river with more and more girls joining.
in the end i was sitting there with 6 vietnamese girls and what can i say, i like!

i cannot describe how intense & great this experience during the whole evening was, it's one of those moments that make travel worthwhile... it's not the deluxe cruise along halong bay, it's not seeing macchu picchu in the morning sun... it's being with authentic people, seeing how they live their life and being exposed to so much generosity, hospitality and friendliness - more than you could ever wish for or expect... i'm overwhelmed & happy
mathieucalvet says:
Nice blog about Vietnam I loved it .
Posted on: Aug 03, 2009
constantquantum says:
i have to agree. the authentic expeience is always with the local people. unfortunately, as you have found, too many of the places backpackers usually head too quickly become jaded, and the local people begin to see the wandering sort as simply people to get money from. i try to do day tours for the "everybody hits" places, as a buffer from the touts, and spend most of my time in out of the way villages. as a solo woman traveller, it is also sometimes easier to capture the sympathy and curiosity of the locals (which offsets the much less appreciated leering and groping).
Posted on: Aug 31, 2007
-Alex- says:
loved reading the blog mate - cant wait to visit vietnam!

Enjoy the rest of the trip and loved the bit with the 6 girls "i like" lol
Posted on: May 20, 2007
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