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my days in london are over... the last 6 months were loads of fun and it was a great experience - but i probably won't return to live here again, there's just too many compromises in comparison to switzerland to make it worth the huge amount of money required to have a flat here or even pay day-to-day costs.

that being said, i was lucky enough to be here on a company's behalf which meant i could concentrate on the fun part - which i did indeed.... i'm a bit concerned that the fun mainly happened in soho (which was in walking / 10 minute bus ride distance), but those tourist girls are just too tempting to ignore and it's a nice contrast to working for a bank during the day :-)

i didn't say good bye to london as i will come back, for a few days every now and then that is.
and i'm looking forward to it

today was pretty much trashing everything that was still in my flat and won't sit in my rucksack for the next few months (well, that was the idea... i still have an additional duffel bag with suits etc), doing some work in the patio-garden (not my biggest skill...) and worrying about how much excess baggage i have to pay for tomorrow....

but it's all done now and i'm waiting to get tired enough to sleep into the first date of my 'transition phase', the six days between now and the official start of my rtw trip... some stuff to do (i.e. paying taxes), buying small things (e.g. swiss army knife of course!) and so on.

tomorrow i will fly to zurich and then travel to basel later, where i'll probably stay for the rest of the week. taking some pictures in my old hometown will be fun i hope

let's pray i'll manage to get all my luggage through rush hour tube and be at the airport on time... as always, i'm too cheap to get a cab :-)

wanderlass says:
Awesome photos!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2007
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photo by: ulysses