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i am not a big fan of boat trips but usually they are quite fun because of booze. well, not so in nha trang!

got dragged into a one day tour around some islands booked via hotel... it was a bad omen that the operator was tm brothers, famed for being the crappiest of all tour operators in vietnam. but what can possibly be bad on a boat trip, i thought?

short answer: a lot

long answer:

- overfilled boat full with vietnamese working class tourists
- a uberloud sound system playing eurodance classics.
- a guide who lives out his standup comedian fantasies on the boat... if you ever got a glimpse of vietnamese sense of humor (e.g. on a 9hour train ride non stop on the onboard tv...) - you know its worse than non-existing, it makes you want to commit suicide
- you get a headache
- lunch is made of things i don't like, except bananas... great
- after lunch when you just want to relax, the guide above takes out his freaking guitar and plays vietnamese folk songs with everyone around you cheering and clapping
- he starts to sing a swiss song to further advance my suicide plans
- he plays magic tricks with empty pepsi cans
- a new game: different dance moves depending on the tunes he plays... i try to pass as sleeping
- boring islands, nothing (new) to see
- ripoff, you have to pay 5000d to swim over a coral spot, 10k to access a mediocre beach on one island etc

i was never happier in my life when the boat finally was back in nha trang... i swear, never again a boat trip if there is not all-you-can-drink caipirinhas and drunk girls :-)
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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85