big update for the huge journey down in the large bus after a long day

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woke up on sunday at 6:45, packed up my things and took a cab to the pasar akyat bus station, the ghost station that not many people know exists and pretty much everyone mistakes for pudaraya or plaza akyat... two different places

i was lucky and my taxi driver knew what i meant but i wasnt much in bargain mood and happy to have a driver that knows the way so i only bargained down to 8... but its ok, sunday morning at 7 is not a pleasant time to drive a cab

the first class transtar bus was quite nice, definitely worth the 40sgd, but not the non discounted fair which is 60 or 70 i think. i especially liked the massage chair which i used for the whole 5 hours hehe.. unfortunately i chose the only seat with a broken onboard entertainment system which crashed non stop... that was bit of a downer. food was quite ok, too

border crossing was a non-issue... two times 5 minutes out of the bus and that was it. when i woke up from my massage-delirium i thought i'm in switzerland... everything nicely decorated, clean, modern... some skyscrapers and the unusual amount of asian faces reminded me that i'm actually in singapore.

people actually queued for a cab and the cab driver was friendly, spoke english and used a taxi meter... i thought i'm in heaven

checked in the hostel, sat down to wait for the room to be ready... wifi didnt work so i checked on a hostel pc what the settings were... woosh, some stupid girl is charging me: 'FUCK YOUUU FUUUCK YOUUUU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT MY COMPUTER, FUUUCKING IDIOT, ARE YOU FUCKING BLIIIIIND - I AM SITTING HERE?!!?'

hehe i could not even reply for a few seconds, that came so out of nowhere... exchanged smiles with the other guests while the chick was rushing to the counter dude (which was himself close to laughing in her face) complaining about the computer thief ....

still in shock, i decided that i will only stay the two nights i made a reservation for here and move to the inn crowd on tuesday... hope there are less freaks around :)

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photo by: easyjobrob