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wow... kaifeng at night is gorgeous! right next to my hotel is the night market.. and what a night market that is! forget hong kong, beijing and all the other kiddie stuff, this is the night market of the night markets. disgusting food, underwear, nunchuk weapons, swords, chinese charms, pictures... there is everything here and all in a quite relaxed environment.

the whole setup is inviting to stroll around, there are places to sit down and tons of food opportunities. unfortunately not for me, as i have some reluctance eating from a kebab shop that has its beef lying under octopus-tentacles... brrrr... kebabs, in the meet-on-a-stick sense aka "es spiessli", are everywhere but there is some really disgusting stuff sticked on it...

you know those travelbloggers who eat that crap and post their videos online? well, i'm not that brave when it comes to food... i'm already having nightmares in an ordinary restaurant, which i did instead.

i chose one of the modern looking ones again. and as i entered i saw the 'recommended by the tourist bureau' or something similar sign - which usually means that there is an english menu and the staff can count to 10 in english.

there was indeed an english menu, she had to move the stereo, open 2 cabinet doors and search for 5 minutes but after removing the dust on top of it i was happy! staff was very nice and as always way to many. each table had about 1 food bringer, one water filler, one tea filler, one money-stuff-manager, one cleaning lady, etc... come on....

food was excellent but i nearly killed a kid - that poor thing was starring (in the being afraid sense of starring) for about 10 minutes at me while her parents tried to move out of the restaurant. still starring she first ran into a chair and then into the restaurant door... hehe seems like the starring is genetic (and darwin is taking care of it, harhar)

restaurant customers were very very middle class - and the restaurant itself really nice and clean with great food. and you got free hot water (constantly refilled) and the same strange drink i got for lunch. i know the taste but i cannot connect the dots of what it is exactly. it's like sweet / spicy but not really tea. probably snake blood hehe

i felt guilty not buying anything on the nightmarket and bought.... a pack of colored popcorn. it's movie time. did i already mention how hardcore travelling alone in this part of china is? next time i have to organize myself a girlfriend hehe

you can't even talk with locals around here because they simply don't understand you. with locals i mean the 200 mio females in my age range. i need a translator :-)
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photo by: alexchan