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i'm a flashpacker, money-waster, 'not real'-traveller... i must be ashamed... for flying from vientiane to hanoi instead of roughing it on a bus

well, yes... you gotta spend the cash somehow, don't you?

anyways... vientiane has an airport, a very nice one even (i'm sitting in the cafe in the lobby... check-in is not open yet) its really really nice for laos standards... will take some pictures in a second

who else is here? a class of international students, very loud ones... 2 grumpy chicks that look as if they have run out of money or something - planning like mad with sad faces... gonna inquire once i've drunk my overpriced beer lao (15000 kip! but i have to get rid of my kip somehow... don't wanna carry them around until i'm back in laos some day)

hehe the cafe lady is going nuts because of the students... there's nothing like american tourists, especially in their teens...

the tuktuk ride here was quite fun... i was expecting somewhere about 40-50000 kip for the ride... but i flagged down a rogue tuktuk driver instead of the corner guys and at first he didn't even know where the airport is... then he quoted me 20'000 - i jumped in and hoped for the best

he stopped in the middle of the way asking for directions (thanks to lonely planet and its map) but stuck to his 20k ... so we drove, and drove, and drove... and arrived. he looked a bit pissed when i handed him the 20k but hey... i'm a capitalistic pig, even in non-convertible currencies like the kip hehe

feel morally bad as a human being though... i mean... those 20k i saved i will either carry around forever or spend them on beer lao instead of feeding this poor guy's family... ah well, i hope he learned his lesson (and i will rot in hell :-) )

ah hanoi... i arranged for a airport pickup (because hanoi is supposed to be lima-esque in terms of scamming-situation) by my hotel... but this is only a subpar solution as guesthouses in hanoi are famous for their forgetting of pickups and reservations (or conveniently forgetting them if a already-guest wants to stay longer)... so i can only hope for the best

but first some vientiane pics before i leave laos

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photo by: skydiver