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yesterday i left wonderful hoi an for nha trang, the beach capital of vietnam. the beach is not as nice as hoi an's but you don't have to bike 5km to get there which is nice as the temperatures max out at the moment, you dont want to be anywhere without aircon for more than a few minutes and for sure not ride a bicycle :-)

had a karaoke session with 8 vietnamese girls before i left hehe... why do all asian nations love karaoke so much, i don't get it coming from a continent where you do karaoke only when you're one beer short of alcohol intoxication.

opted for the train from danang to nha trang which is a bit shorter than the open tour bus, more comfortable in soft seat, with toilets and runs during the day. a lot more expensive though especially since i opted to take a cab for the 30km from hoi an to danang train station (which was still only the fare of a 500m cab ride in switzerland)

2 more nights nha trang and then for a sidetrip off to dalat, the southern mountain escape and favorite honeymoon destination in vietnam. 2 nights there, back to nha trang and then with the 5star i-dont-care-about-my-travelbudget-anymore deluxe train to saigon and as fast as possible out of the country before my visa runs out :-)

i'm busy downloading podcasts of 'start up' on swiss television. it's highly motivating seeing a bunch of insecure people with crap ideas (who needs VC money for a internet dvd exchange community???) building startups in switzerland... there is one good package of founder & idea (give a wine) and the rest is quite subpar... interesting :-)
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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85