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luck was on my side yesterday, and hell i needed it!

first i managed to get my luggage through the tube to city airport (2 changes) between 8 and 8:45, but i was lucky enough to have enough space to get into the trains and what was even more surprising i didnt break down under the load (literally) on my shoulders

lesson learned: take the cab next time, anyway... city airport is just not worth it with all the changes and a lot of luggage

arriving at the airport i wasnt surprised to learn that the only flight on the table that was delayed was of course the swiss flight... really, i paid too much taxes for this crap airline, die die die! it was my first time departing from city so i was surprised to find those comfty lounge chairs in the waiting hall, very nice indeed!

but checking in was very nice as well... allowed are 20kg, the inofficial swiss tolerance is 5kg and i had 24.6kg - yeah baby, without weighting at home! i'm getting good at this... and thank god i can leave 10kg and 2 bags in switzerland... i'll never fly with that much crap again i hope

before boarding i even met a colleague from the bank, but i always meet people at airports, no matter how bad the odds :)

i arrived at 2 in zurich city where i "paid" my taxes without problems (another lucky one!), actually i got 2000 swiss francs back, yeah! i never saw a tax filing done so effieciently, 20 minutes and i had the money in cash. but, a small tidbit for switzerland: if you deregister before the end of the year and pay taxes for that period they actually annualize your 'regular income' and define the tax rate from that figure... this (higher) rate gets then applied to your actual income - kinda sucks, never deregister in switzerland early in the year!

left luggage of course was a problem... the big boxes at the zurich main station were all in use so i had to unpack my rucksack and put the smaller bag inside... but, thanks to the pack it cubes that was easy enough - it was funny to walk around with the big rucksack on my back, you get all the "look, a tourist!" looks on the street

i met some friends before i left for basel later in the evening - i almost forgot how nice swiss trains are... i took the ice and it felt like first class flying. arriving in basel i was as always confused about the new train station.. when i lived there it looked very very different

so now i'm in basel with freezing temperatures and for the next few days i'll have the pleasure of sorting out my stuff to pack, returning army gear and maybe go for a short picture trip around switzerland.. we'll see... unfortunately from now on its dialup speed time - so pictures will follow later
Cowboyd says:
Thanks for the info on the unofficial weight tolerance. I'm packing now to go to Zofingen tomorrow and it looks like I might need the extra weight allowance.
Posted on: Sep 03, 2007
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