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... was my first question when i read about angkor wat a few months ago... not another temple please. but why am i even in cambodia if not for visiting angkor wat?

so i bought a 3 day pass right after arrival today (first evening, i.e. sunset visit after 5pm, is free!). a ton of temples, sunburnt & sweaty me, a 3 day pass and a tuktuk driver... this must end bad

but it turned out really well to my surprise... this place is really stunning & beautiful.. i just visited the angkor wat itself today and even that blows macchu picchu away in a split second... way more impressive

you charter a tuktuk driver from your guesthouse (4usd for the evening, 12 for the day) and get driven emperor style from temple to temple... very nice as everything is spread out over a few km

i plan to do 2 full days of temple sightseeing before heading back to bangkok and the first glimpse today was already amazing.

getting the 3 day pass was a quick thing, no problem if you dont have a pic... angkor wat was full with tourists but it was still possible to take pics without 100 people in it.

i climbed up the VERY steep steps up the central towers and got a nice view over the temple. after climbing down i spotted a monkey! unfortunately he spotted me too and got into teeth-fledging berzerker-charge mode and nearly jumped me before i ran away screaming 'get away devil of rabies!!!' 
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photo by: ulysses