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finally a nice chinese city!

much less spitting, starring, ignorance and all that stuff than before. much cleaner & more impressive than beijing and more western-oriented (not to say that this necessarily must be a precondition)

and my hostel... tons of other people here and it is a real hostel with everything you could possibly want... feels so nice to be able to talk with someone!

but i must say the skyline is not that impressive, even though everybody i spoke with before said it was much better than hong kong's... it might be flashier and more colorful, but it doesn't have class. nanjing road the same - looks like niagara falls

the bund is nice, those old gotham-city like buildings with respectful lights - will look nice on pictures i am sure.

so i was on a mission today:

(a) find an external harddisk since my imagetank's usb connection is kinda broken (and to save some movies on hehe)
(b) buy some 50 fake dvds to rip and save to the external harddisk
(c) find some knock off north face zipoff pants

i found an electronic shoppers mecca that reminded me a lot of hong kong. tons of small shops in one big mall - full with fake ibm logos and all that stuff, looked really really dodgy. found a best buy and a cheap external hd desk there - gonna buy another day though. prices are so so, but better than were everything has to be imported from overseas

unfortunately the good old blackmarket was shut down some months ago, so i googled for the replacement since i wanted to find some north face stuff. i thought i am pretty underground when i got a tip for the new location (science & technology museum metro stop) only to find a huge "new xiangjang market" sign right when you exit... bla! filled with tourists and seedy shopkeepers :)

not much luck on the dvd front though... i have to get some hints for one of the big fake dvd shops since i won't buy from the hawkers on the street. that will be my quest for tomorrow

and of course the tourist tunnel! everyone says it's so bad, so touristy, so cheesy that it is a must do! 
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photo by: Chokk