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it's done - i'll be leaving my job on 31/10/2006; i'm giving up the flat in zurich now, the corporate flat in london later.
all my stuff is for sale: car, pc, synthesizers, etc

i'll be leaving switzerland and london beginning of november, not knowing if or when to return, for a round the world trip

but... why? the decision was made quickly (btw, 'blink' is a great book) and i found some more rational reasons while tearing myself apart the last few days, questioning my judgement, intelligence and sanity:

  • i never did a gap year journey, never travelled further than tenerife and never did independent travelling
  • instead of spending money for new gadgets, dvd's or a new car i should invest more in myself
  • photography is taking up more and more of my time and after 1000 shots of big ben, a bit of diversity would be nice
  • the idea of looking internally or externally for a new job after my assignment here in london ends just doesn't feel right; i need an office life break (already!)
  • and what do i want, anyway? life's becoming dull ever since i hold the degree in my hands, this can't be it
  • i want to experience life of other cultures, life without swiss living standards or london's lavish supply of diverse entertainment
  • hospitality club sounds like a great idea, let's test it
  • i need time to think - and i'd prefer to do that on a thai beach rather than at the z├╝risee
  • my control freak habit: maybe i will lose it... (but only after creating a highly sophisticated budget & travelplan...)
  • if i'll stay in se asia for 3+ months maybe i'll finally be able to eat fish & seafood afterwards!

i think that's it... good enough for me to justify my plans :-)

my goal is to document every single step; i'm really excited about budgetting / planning / organizing and after consulting many many websites about that topic one more can't hurt. i hope someone might find some useful information or inspiration in here as i have on other websites (links will follow!)

i will travel with notebook (until it breaks) and dslr cam (until it gets stolen) to document my adventure; but actually i'm just not ready yet to get rid of all gadgets :-)

all pics will go to my flickr account at: http://flickr.com/photos/alex_delarge/ 

aiohdmg says:
Wow..I am curous how was going about your RTW!! I hope u will love my country!
Posted on: May 24, 2010
PHILIP1111 says:
I would like to wish you a happy voyage!Enjoy your work as well as your trip!!
All The Best!!
office jobs
Posted on: Jul 22, 2009
michayla25 says:
What was your job ,if you don't mind me asking?
Posted on: Oct 25, 2008
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