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The morning view from our window.

After checking in to our hotel, we ended up walking around the surrounding area in search of our first Italian meal. We ended up stopping at a crowded cafe featuring live music. The musician playing music had long, extremely curly hair pulled back in a pony tail and was singing a very interestering and eclectic mix of music in English, including Bob Marley and Barry White songs! He also threw in a couple of Eros Ramazzotti ballads, which made me happy since I had always dreamt of listening to Italian pop music in Italy. The food at the restaurant was pretty good, although pretty pricey since it was a touristy place. I ordered a pizza marinara (just crust and tomato sauce) and it was very good, with a very thin, almost cracker-like crust.

We then went back to the hotel room, where we watched television for a few hours before falling into a deep sleep. We did manage to catch the top 20 countdown on MTV Italia. Among the most popular artists, were Ligabue ("Buona Notte a l'Italia"), Kylie Minogue ("How does it feel in my arms"), Leona Lewis, Fabri Fibra and Jovanotti.

The next morning we woke up really early, at about 7 a.m. The first thing we did was open the windows and admire our first look at the city. It was raining and the air was pretty cold, but I still felt exhiliarated as I enjoyed my first morning in Europe and I couldn't wait to leave the hotel and explore Rome. We quickly dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. We decided to go outside to smoke a cigarette before eating, impatient to get a peek of what was going on outside before checking out the buffet. As we stepped outside, a woman who was screaming at someone on her cell phone almost walked right into us. Then, about four people on scooters passed by, followed by a couple of smart cars. An old man stepped outside of the coffee shop next door, looking over at us and smiling before lighting up a cigarette.

We were impressed upon seeing the dining room- it was so formal!! The servers were all quite dressed up, as well as being extremely polite and proper in the way they brought out our coffee and tea. The dining room was also very quiet, even though there were several people eating breakfast, which I thought was kind of strange. The silence made me feel a little bit uncomfortable, but soon I was distracted by all of the great breakfast choices which included, eggs, prosciutto, ham, salami, apricots, prunes, a few different types of cheese, cereals, yogurt and a varied selection of pastries and cakes. The food turned out to be really good, but the coffee was horrible.

Morning view from hotel window

Trevi Fountain

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The morning view from our window.
The morning view from our window.
photo by: vulindlela