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Poland and Lithuania are in different time zones.   It’s one hour later in Lithuania than it is in Poland, so it got pretty late.  The roads are pretty good though, which made driving a lot more pleasant!  They're not illuminated for the most part, but there are good reflectors on the side of the road and the asphalt was in really good condition. (At least on the roads I was on!)  We finally get to Vilnius at about 21.00.  Finding a hotel was no problem at all and we ended up staying at a Holiday Inn, the first place we saw.  Surely we could have found something cheaper, more Lithuania or whatever, but at around 60 euros each, this was fine for a night.

The cathedral
The receptionists and concierge at the hotel were extremely nice.  When I asked about parking the car in the hotel's parking lot, the concierge walked out to the car with me, got in, and showed me the way to the parking lot!  (It did require quite a detour and he probably saved me a lot of lost time!)


After checking in, we drove to the old town section of the city to have dinner (the receptionist at the hotel was extremely helpful and told us, “it’s never too late to get dinner in Vilnius!”)  We asked her to recommend something Lithuanian.  One of the things I most like about travel is trying the food!  So we head for a place called Cili Kaimas (no idea what it means, but maybe cili is like chilli?), which I will write a review about.  Parking was pretty complicated - the whole area was full of cars and people - and we ended up parking on the other side of the old town, which turned out to be a great thing to do because it gave us the chance to see a lot of the old town, by night with nicely lit up façades and also to see people out and about.

boxinbcn says:
Hi cimtech! I did drive around and didnt have any problem at all. A GPS will definitely be a good help to find things.
Posted on: Dec 06, 2014
cimtech says:
Did you have any problem driving in the City or around, how was the road signs and street name. Do you think GPS would help me finding places. finally do you recommending driving with a rent a car.
Posted on: Jun 24, 2014
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The cathedral
The cathedral
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Mediocre food, poor service... but nice decor :-)
After a long drive we were pretty hungry and anxious to see what Lithuanian food was like. We asked the receptionist at the hotel to recommend someth… read entire review
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