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Sunset at Germaine's Lu'au near Ko Olina

Got up today sans alarm at 8, feeling pretty refreshed but not sure what I wanted to do. Didn't really feel like going to Pearl Harbor like I planned. I had breakfast at a place called Loco Moco Flavors cafe just down the street. It was just OK breakfast food: eggs, toast, coffee and portugese? Sausage. The sausage was really good, everything else was just serviceable... except the service. It was great! The lady doing all the serving was this cute older Asian lady. She was very animated and really nice. From breakfast I went on a mission to get a hat. You'd think that with all the available shopping in this town it'd be really easy to find a reasonably priced, decent looking ball cap. Not so. Everything is either very gaudy/touristy or expensive.

Hula Dancers at Germaine's Lu'au
I opted for a toned-down tourist cap that came with a t-shirt for 20 bucks. I had no plans so I headed down to the beach... had to try out my new swim shirt. It was a beautiful day and the water was, as usual, perfect. Got in a nice swim and worked up an appetite. Spent the next 45 minutes trying to decide what to have for lunch. Went to a “bbq” place for lunch and had a Loco Moco plate lunch. It was good, filling and cheap, though probably not the healthiest. Got back to the hotel and booked my Lu'au at Germaine's. Worked out, took a shower and headed across the street to be picked up for the lu'au. Our “escort” for the ride over was a local named Greg. He was really funny, even though all his material was heavily rehearsed.
Me at the Lu'au... this was one of those pics they try to get you to buy, I just took a shot of the picture!
Got to the lu'au and had a few terrible Mai Tais (but one was free, they didn't take my ticket.) Had beer the rest of the night. The food was not bad. I coulda skipped the mahi mahi, but the kalua pig (awesome) and chicken long rice (clear noodles) were really good. I had poi and liked it, as long as there was something else on my fork. I missed the tartar sauce for my fish but the poi did a good job as backup. The show was entertaining, if anything but authentic, and a bit Vegasy. The girls were gorgeous, as I assume is a prerequisite for the position. The audience participation wasn't too annoying. I got up with a bunch of the guys and was promised that we wouldn't have to dress up or dance. They put us in a long line while the ladies were up on stage getting a hula lesson. As they departed the stage they came our way and each gave each of us a kiss. There must've been at least 75 of them... some of them pretty good looking too. All in all a lot of fun. Sat with a couple from Melbourne, Australia, who were nice if less than enthusiastic to be there.

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Sunset at Germaines Luau near Ko…
Sunset at Germaine's Lu'au near K…
Hula Dancers at Germaines Luau
Hula Dancers at Germaine's Lu'au
Me at the Luau... this was one of…
Me at the Lu'au... this was one o…
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