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Milk prices at a grocery store on the North Shore
Today has a been a bit frustrating but still very enjoyable.  Personally I don't think "The country's best mass transit sytem" is very user-friendly, but it gets you around.  I was going to take the bus around the island today and stop in Kailua, Kane'ohe and the north shore.  Only made it to North Shore.  I did ride through Kane'ohe and I wanted to stop at the vally of the temples but there was no indication what stop that might be and, moron that I am, didn't ask.  Somehow the first bus I was on changed it's line, didn not go to Kailua and took me back to Ala Moana.  By this point I was hungry and had a Japanese-styled plate lunch in the mall.  Noodles, a burger patty and a fried egg.  It was really good!  Got on another bus for Kane'ohe.  Went through town which seemed like a typical suburban city (like Troy but for the palm trees, ocean and mountains).  Stayed on the bus and continued up the coast to Turtle Bay.  The bus changed lines again but I was still heading to where I wanted to go.  Passed Shark's Cove on the way, it looks awesome!  Got off the bus in Hale'ewa town.  Stopped in a few surf shops, bought a sunblock/rashguard swimshirt.  Now that I'm out of Waikiki I'm starting to see why Hawaii has a reputation for having really friendly people.  North Shore folks are super friendly and laid back, my kind of place!  Got a shave ice at Aoki's.  The syrup was better than the place I went to the other day and the service was way better, but the snow was better at the other one.  Still a glorified snow-cone to me, not my favorite.  Saw a fight in the street, well, a guy subduing a kid who I assume was trying to steal something (I heard glass break).  Went to local grocery store.  They have some weird stuff:  pork blood, fish heads, steamed fish cakes... I bought a papaya, a couple apple-bananas and a bottle of locally made pop.  Got back on bus and headed back to Honolulu.  The Windward side is so lush and beautiful.  If the people are close to as friendly as those on the North Shore I'll live there.  If not, I think North Shore could be for me.  Got to Honolulu, end of the line.  Decided to have dinner at "I Love Country Cafe" near Ala Moana mall.  Looked close enough on map to walk it.  Should have taken another bus.  Good thing I have comfortable shoes on today.  The food is simple but really good and the selection is huge.  I had seafood-stuffed mahi with veggies over linguini.  I think there's a lot of butter in the sauce but I earned it with that walk from Honolulu.
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Milk prices at a grocery store on …
Milk prices at a grocery store on…
photo by: crystalware