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Wailua Falls

I do not know how I forgot to mention this, but to get a better view, or I should say the bottom view, of this waterfall you need to go on a mission!  When we arrived at the waterfall we were enjoying the scenery.  There was a man making and selling hats made of leaves. Really pretty. I wish I would have taken a picture of one, but I forgot. Anyhow, my mom starts talking to him and asks him if there is a way to go down to the waterfall. He said there was a way and he showed us where. He also warned us that it's not a path, it's more of ropes tied to trees and you have to basically go down holding them.  Also, a portion of the "path" are tree roots and branches and you have to find your way down to another section of ropes to hold on to.

  Well, my sister decided that she wants to do this, so I say "Ok! Let's go!" I don't know why I said that.

So we start going down and it is easy going down halfway. Well, we didn't consider the part where it had been raining and the fact that there was going to be mud. So we started getting mud puddles that we had to cross as well as slopes that were very slippery. I landed on my bottom I would say about two times.  We reached the section of the "path" which consists of the tree branches.  That part was semi easy, you just had to get firm hold on the tree branches as well as choosing solid roots and branches. The final part of the "path" were ropes that looked like one tug would rip them apart!  And let me tell you, that part was really muddy.

In the hot tub after a long day of falling!
But after that. we finally reached the bottom! YES!  So we were enjoying the scenery and taking pictures.  Just having a nice time. My sister decided to get in the water but I decided not to because we took my niece Destiny and nephew Nathan down with us. She was there for a while and while I was taking a picture of the rainbow, my niece and nephew were telling me that they wanted to go back up. I tried getting my sisters attention, but that didn't happen. So we left without her and we started our treck back to the top. 

It was much easier coming up.  So on our way up, I had my niece and nephew go in front of me, which ended up being a very great decision on my part because I fell 3 times coming back up. And one fall was really bad! I honestly thought I was going to break my neck if I hadn't caught the rope! But luck was on my side because once I had that rope in my hand, my grip on it was solid! So this happened on the 2nd to the last rope to the top when my foot slipped from under me and i fell back and lost the grip on the rope. But as I was falling back, I do not know how, but my hands reached for the rope and caught it and gripped it like it was a life line, which it was at that time. I did not let go of the rope, clung to it and sat up. If I hadn't grabbed it, I would have falling off the to the side which doesn't have any ropes just a bunch of trees and roots sticking out. I would have hurt myself pretty bad. I told my niece and nephew to go on up without me because we weren't that far from the top, and right after they left my sister comes up. What was I doing during that time, you might be asking. Well, I was sitting on the floor with my heart in my throat because I got so scared from that fall. I could not move, well, I could but it was more like I didn't want to move! Yvette, my sister, was laughing at me when I told her about it and she was telling me to suck it up! I was getting a bit irritated with her because she wasn't showing me any sympathy. So I stood up and started climbing telling her that she was being very mean, yet she was still laughing. But what I didn't realilze until we got to the top, that while I was ranting at her, she took my mind out of the fact that I was scared so it helped me climb faster, which I am now grateful.

So I got out of that alive and it's something I will never forget. And you can best believe that once back at the hotel I spent it in the hot tub! I needed to unwind and relax after knocking myself around that day! But this is something I forgot about, I don't know how, and thought to share. 

ms_travelr says:
Talk about an adventure.
Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
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Wailua Falls
Wailua Falls
In the hot tub after a long day of…
In the hot tub after a long day o…
photo by: vances