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After Maryport, Colleen and I made our way down to Nottingham for a couple of nights. I'm not sure if Robin Hood and his Merry Men are still roaming around Sherwood Forest, but we're going to take our chances to see if we can get a glimpse of him.

The Hostel wasn't all that good. We stayed at Midtown Hostel, which was in a perfect location and had decent facilities, but the guy running the place hosted an all night drinking party, which made it rather difficult to sleep.

The town of Nottingham, however, was a delight. We visited the castle (well, there's only a big museum there now - the castle was demolished a while back). Several rooms of the museum hosted an exhibition showing sketches, paintings, and figurines from some role playing game. It seemed a bit strange to put these in a museum alongside ancient Greek and Roman artifacts.

We toured some of the hundreds of tunnels in town (the soil makes it essy to dig tunnels). They have been used throughout history as cellars, hiding places, and bomb shelters.

One of the fun things we got to do was go to the 'Tales of Sherwood' which was a ride (think Disney World, but with a little less quality) through Sherwood forest, and was quite well done.

On Saturday, we took a bus up to Sherwood Forest (about 20 miles north of town). We wandered around there for a while, and saw its rather large collection of ancient oak trees. We even got to see the Major Oak, which is over a thousand years old and about 33 feet around the trunk - wow! Legend has it that Robin Hood hid inside the trunk of this oak to evade the Sheriff of Nottingham. Before we left, we even got to shoot some arrows at an archery range in Sherwood Forest - that was great fun!

When we returned to Nottingham, we went out to Ye Olde Jerusalem Pub, which is the oldest pub in England, and that's saing a lot, because England has a lot of old pubs.

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photo by: delpumu