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Colleen and Hannah
It was time to get out of London, so Colleen and I packed our bags and started to head out of town.  Yesterday we called up a friend of Colleen's who lives in Perth, Scotland, and Indigo said that we could stay with her.  Her legal name is Beth, but her bird name is Indigo (Beth and Colleen, or Kiska, worked at Camp Cherith together).  Beth has a good wit and we had fun bantering back and forth.

Colleen and I took the train from London up to Edinburgh - it was a rather quick ride, only a couple of hours or so.  From Edinburgh we took a train to Stirling, then to Perth, and Beth was kind enough to meet us at the train station.  Beth only lives one block from the train station, so we quickly walked back to her flat where we unloaded her gear.  We then walked all the way across town (it couldn't have been more than a mile - Perth is a small town) to a Mexican restaurant, where we had a fabulous meal.  We were all impressed with how the meal was plated.  I ordered key lime pie for dessert, which came with a tiny slice of lime on the pie, chocolate and lime syrup drizzled on the plate beneath the pie, and a dollop of whipped cream with a small slice of strawberry on top.  It was impressive.

After dinner, we went to Beth's aunt and uncle's home for a couple of hours.  Beth's cousin, Hannah, had attended Camp Cherith the last couple of years, and Hannah was rather pleasantly shocked to find Colleen at her home.  I had fun talking to Hannah's dad, who blows things up for a living.  Whether it be working to design better safety equipment, demolishing a building, or redesigning a waterfall in the wilderness, if it involves explosives, he can get the job done.  That would be a fun job, indeed.

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Colleen and Hannah
Colleen and Hannah
photo by: dharpley