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Tim and Jenn at the Chateau Chillon

So am I really here with Jenn after so many months of being apart? It seems to be so. I like that.

Today, Jenn and I headed off for Chateau Chillon, a castle on lake Geneva that Byron popularized in his poem Prisoner of Chillon. We took the train all the way around the lake to the Chateau, and it was a marvelous train ride, even if we couldn't see the mountain tops across the lake due to the clouds. The castle is amazing, and it's actually my second favorite castle (behind le Krak de les Chevaliers in Syria).

We wandered around the castle for a couple of hours. When in the dungeon, I read Byron's Prisoner of Chillon to Jenn, which details the life of a prisoner of the castle - I liked the poem. We then worked our way up to the top of the castle, savoring the picturesque view of the lake.

Jenn and Tim on a boat ride back from Chateau Chillon

We were hoping to take a boat back to Geneva across the lake, but it ended up being more complicated than we expected. After getting conflicting information from a train official (he said one thing and gave us a printed schedule which said another - we later found out the printed schedule he gave us was out of date), we decided to take a train to Nyon, a town close by, then take a boat back from Nyon. When we arrived in Nyon, we discovered that we had almost an hour before our boat left, and as we were hungry, we decided to find food. Two sandwiches and a few pictures later, we headed down to the water and caught our boat.

Today was a day with perfect weather, and we were delighted to have a beautiful cruise back to Geneva. As we set out from Nyon, we could see the Jet d'eau shooting high into the air (all the way back in Geneva), but unfortunately, when we arrived back in Geneva, it was turned off, so I was once again prevented from seeing the Jet d'eau.

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Tim and Jenn at the Chateau Chillon
Tim and Jenn at the Chateau Chillon
Jenn and Tim on a boat ride back f…
Jenn and Tim on a boat ride back …
photo by: Vikram