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Well, today we went to the heatsville... id ont know how to spell it?? The sanctuary anyway for the day. very cool! I loved seeing all the wildlife so close up and in such a natural habitat. Got some cool pictures!! I havent really been taking a lot of photos so far, mostly because I know im going to be coming back to Melbourne for awhile and get a job and what not so I know i'll have lots of opportunities to take photos. Also the people ive been hanging around i dont know that well yet, so becoming a papparazzi probabbly isnt the best way to make friends!!
After the sanctuary we grabbed a bit and went to see another few comedy festival shows, it really reminds me of home seeing as how I grew up with an improvisor.
The shows were pretty good, its fun to talk to someone who knows improvisation. The people im staying with, my dad traind them back in the day so their kind of veterans and I grew up with the guru Bahaha in a way
Im still looking for a journal so I can write all my shiz down without posting it on th einternet but its the safest way to keep it all right now in case my piece of shit computer crashes and i did journal entires on my harddrive. Here i can at least come back on and check them out!!
Meloburne is amazing, i love how everyone is so relaxed and especially love how late evryone stays up!!
We went to a place callled gigi in the downtown area by RMIT university theatre or somehwree around there for a japanese meal it really was amazing, it was like japanese fast food but way better. Great prices, great location and the food was awesome.
Made some new friends, hopefully going to be hanging out with them tomorrrow, im left alone as the people im staying with have some acting workshops/shows they need to do so its kinda like a work day or whatever for them so I gotta fend for myself. I think im up for the challenge!!!
Im pretty sure i blew up my straightner.. forgot the voltage thing.. heard a spark..smelt burning..
uhhmm the wineries on the way to the sanctuary were absolutly breathtaking. i have to go on a tour and tasting one of these days, probably when i get back from my backpacking up to cairns when i have time and dont smell like outback
im going to header to bed now.!!!! Thanks for reading my not so interesting blog that i wish i could write in my journal!!
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    What a relaxing day!!
Loved it.
went to St.Kilda with friend, was very cool. took awhile to get used to the bus thing, met her at Flinders and we had to find our way to the right tram then missed the transfer as no one told us and we just ended up walking around and headedd to where the map said the water was. We eventually found our way and it was amazing, very pretty. Had anice walk along the beach then up the pier lol it was a great first date
Caught our friends comedy show in the festival ( Scratch- check em out their amazing!!)
Grabbed a bit to eat and then got some gelato, again to awesome. We ate at a place that on the front menu had spelt lamb..lamp. and i was going to order it ( lamp rump) jsut for comedics sake but they were out of it for just the night! weiirrrd
Grabbed the biggest gelato i hae ever eaten in my life, walked along the river and then headed home
good day of absolutly nothing!!!
love it
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photo by: jendara