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Does it get more beautiful than this?

What does M. Night Shyamalan have to do with this adventure? Well, seeing as it was almost twice as expensive to fly out of Pittsburgh than it was to fly out of Newark, we (me and my 8 friends) decided that we should drive to Philly, sleep over at a friends, and then drive to Newark before our flight. Let's just say that early morning fog combined with the creepiness that is Doylestown must have bred movies for Mr. Shyamalan.

Once out of horror movie territory, we went to Newark, parked our cars in long-term parking and we were off! I have no idea how long the flight from Newark to St. Johns' was. I fell asleep and woke up right before we landed. That is, in time for me to take some pictures of Antigua from the sky!

Now as someone who travels great distances often, I must say that the one thing that gets to me is the time difference. I could be on some weird timezone for weeks and there's nothing I can do. Antigua, fortunately, was only an hour ahead of Pittsburgh!

Anyways, like I mentioned earlier, most seniors in college are looking for that ridiculous spring break with many drunken and embarrassing days (not just moments or nights). Thankfully, I wasn't with those types of girls. And we weren't in that type of place. And how did things turn out? PHENOMENALLY.

Our little villa located just outside of Jolly Harbour was exactly what we were looking for. One might say it was a bit cramped but I would rather use the word cozy. After sorting out where everyone was sleeping, we ventured out to the beach and we even found the supermarket. Now weeks before we left for spring break, we all started talking about what we needed to bring and one of the things that came up was food! We knew that things would be expensive in Antigua so we brought snacks and other necessities. Turns out we probably could've bought everything there! The Epicurean had almost everything you can imagine and then some. And it wasn't that expensive! Hell, some of the produce and meat was WAY cheaper than the food in Pittsburgh.

After spending a bit of time at the beach, we all headed home and made a family style dinner that was so good, I dreamed about it nights later. Grilled chicken, fresh corn, and fresh peppers! Off to a great start eh?
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Does it get more beautiful than th…
Does it get more beautiful than t…
photo by: Fitnessguru729