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In an internet Cafe/Coffee place I'm dressed in tattered jean shorts and a tank top. A nice lady comes over the help me (thinking I'm down and out of luck and needed some help or some money). Little did she know these were my jewelry shopping clothes so I can get the best price. She had such a good soul we chatted for a while and went out for noodles nearby. I kept directing the conversation to Cambodia (I was due to go there sometime during my visit just to do it). I asked her to join me. She was taken back but also liking adventure, she called her family, gave a description of me, my age, country, etc (when I asked why, she said she was afraid I might kill her since she didn't know me that well yet).

After calling a few friends, she decided to come and I told her I'd foot her expenses. She had been helping me all week making sure I never got ripped off, knew the ins and outs of Bangkok, etc. On the trip to Cambodia, she saved my arse on a couple occasions. I caught a nasty flu and she was a complete angel. We flew back (I was in no condition to drive) to Bangkok after a week in Cambodia for Song Kran (Thai New Years). I met her family and they all seemed nice.

We had been through so much and I didn't hold back in the slightest sharing my thoughts, faults, dreams, etc. She also shared best she could (but Thais are notoriously quiet and reserved). To make a long story short, the girl who felt sorry for me and wanted to give me money will likely have her life's dream come true and leave Thailand to a land of opportunity.

We're already talking marriage. I told her I'd marry her just to get her here (takes the pressure off) and if this works, great. If not then she'll at the very least be a Thai American with a new earning capability she never had. We've called each other daily for the past month and now she's in a monastery praying for 9 days for her family and mine. I'm sure there will be bumps in the road but I still remind myself it's my duty to help the poor and her family (no father) often goes without food (that's how poor we're talking).

So I sacrifice things in my life to completely change the lives of others at the potential expense of a broken heart, lost money....I'm willing to try it! Yes, we're madly in love but as she says, "Not good to love big short time...better to love little long, long, long time until we old lady old man".  So I have to cool it on the passion side and try to behave like a mature love stricken adult! LOL!

I've been working so much, haven't had time to update my pics and vids here yet. I just got a care package of salted mangoes, durian candy (oh my!) and other interesting things my princess sent me with her hard earned money.

What am I doing? I don't know but it feels right to me and I'm having fun!
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photo by: Deats