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Eating bugs with a friend in Thailand
I made it here alive without a hitch..another 26 hour trip. This round I'm a bit smarter (maybe not when you see the video). I've been taking motorcycle taxis for 1/4 the price of a taxi and no waiting in traffic! Everyone says it's dangerous but these guys are pros! You dart between cars and this time I have 1000 songs on my phone to jam on whilst crusing through the streets of Bangkok on a motorbike. It's fun and I'm not subjected to 30 minutes of THAI music.

I captured a couple videos I'll try to upload. One is a NEW friend of mine who's teaching me how to eat bugs. We met at a coffee house. Since there have been no takers in the western half of the world, who knows; maybe I found my love?

I've met a lot of nice people here and I'm learning NOT to be controlled by controlling shop owners who want to monopolize my shopping, time and food preferences.
Thailand eating grasshoppers
The Afghan culture is nice but they really want to own your time if it means taking you out 'till you're too tired to shop their competition, then wake you up with a phone calll and corner you in their shio fir the next 8 hours to do it again. They're nice people but I also need to breathe (and shop)!

Since I met me Thai friend, I've been spending pennies instead of dollars! My advice: meet a local (I have an excellent reference) to negotiate all of your purchases, make sure the Taxis don't give you a foreigner rate and also making sure no one takes advantage of you. It makes the difference between affording a 5 day vacation and stretching it into a month long vacation (which is exactly what I did).

Since I'm shopping for my business, she saved me thousands. The least I could do is buy her an air conditioner and drop a grand upon departure (she was sleeping in 100 degree heat- never had a/c before)! Still,yspending $1500, I saved a TON of money just because of her presence and negotiation skills. Some of these people make $3 a day and are on the precipice of starvation. No wonder they eat grasshoppers and cockroaches!

I took some pictures of the toilets everyone talks about. Speaking of toilets, ate at all the little hole in the wall sidewalk Thai and Cambodia cafe's and wasn't sick from the food once.

I started observing the working class here and figured out how to exist cheaply here (minus the hotel). I'm staying at DeLuxury at 1300 baht a night with IN ROOM internet (a blessing). It comes with free breakfast. I've been eating in the small soup nazi joints --rule of thumb-- if there are NO foreigners in there and only locals, you can get away with a full lunch for under $3 including iced coffee. The food is fantastic, the servers are grateful for the business and the tip and I get a great dish of soup, fried rice, green curry chicken or whatever is on the menu.

I'll be heading to Laos and Cambodia after hitting the weekend market. ALso, DON'T BE AFRAID OF USING THE SKYTRAIN! It's very economical and FAST! It's idenitcal to the metro rail in washignton, DC except it's more simple (you pay by zone... 10 baht per zone basically. It seems to be 2 stops for 10 baht (a bargain)!

I'll write more later but I thought you'd get a kick out of my appetizers before going out for Thai soup and noodles last night. I couldn't stop laughing!
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Eating bugs with a friend in Thai…
Thailand eating grasshoppers
photo by: Deats