Cambodia needs to be bombed again

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By referral of a Canadian who works in Poipet, I was connected with the famed Taxi mafia...Shocked the moment I entered into Cambodia, the mafia was all over. Took a mafia cab to Siem Reap and they jacked the price to a ridiculous amount while surrounding me. I was with a Thai who overheard them talking about whether they could win if they attacked me and took my money. I ducked into the nearest hotel ($80) but was planning on staying at some of the recommended $5-$10 hotels here.

Cambodia is the most bombed country in the world...This first introduction made me wonder why.

I was very, very ill last night and needed to go to the hospital which was why I think they were planning their attack but I couldn't go 'cause they were outside.  If I had a gun, I would have shot myself, I was in such misery. I have no idea--meningitis, malaria, carbon monoxide from the 3 hour hellride from Poipet to Siem Reap--who knows but I'm still sick! I can hold water down so I'll be checking another hotel as soon as I can figure a way around these mafia monkeys out front here waiting for me. I'll explain all this later but I really don't like being threatened unless I fork over money and I really really dislike people discussing my demise and or murder.

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Siem Reap
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