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Already on my second holiday since i got back from the States.  Feel like my life really is like one big holiday =)

I was totally not prepared for this trip. I only finished packing about 1hr before i get to the airport. Was totally in wreck. Observed there seems to be a pattern of panic attacks n grumpiness before leaving on trips. Got a sad with my bro coz he broke my luggage (yes..i dwell on thingz but i jus cannot accept that i've only used the luggage once n now the handle is stuck forever) n also  i reckoned he pretended to not hav my adaptor n me being the little forgetful me i dont remember if i did give it to him..grr..Wondering wats happening to this world where good karma do not get answered n rewarded..but then to use it on luggage handle.. maybe bit of a waste.. ok fine..i'll call on the karma for next time =)

This trip is somewhat a bonding trip. First time i'm travelling with my sis without the rest of the family. What better way to bond than thru shopping =D. Her bf is coming along too. He has aparently never been overseas.. not quite sure if u wanna lose your travel virginity to HK/Macau/ worse...Sibu??? hmm.. Thou my sis did say he wanted to c where she is from.. that is very warming. Feel that he genuinely wants to really know her. I c the way they tok to each other..the opposite side of her bosiness, she has such a gentleness. The way she was rubbing his hair n saying things in her "little" voice, its like how she speaks to Oliver(my dog) can this be only a "puppy" love..hmmm.... bottomline.. i think too much on other ppl's problem.. cant help it.. its always more interesting than mine or mayb jus a way for me to escape me problems =)

Ok on the way to airport now...



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