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the best! look at this 'face' it's a big smile!
This is together with Munich/München metro my fave system. Even if the stations are not as well designed but the trains - i love them!
One of the weirdest trains i rode. It seems to be an underground monster or a huge worm when you are standing at the platform and when a Vienna underground train is enterring the station. You see in the tunnel only the lights - they make you feel like a smal creature just a second befor being eaten by a huuuge worm.
The lights seem to be the white teeth of that strange monster - and cuz they are very strong the drivers switch them out while in station.
 Maybe it's only me, but i liked that feeling of monster in the tunnel. The new trains that Vienna has bought lately are not as cute as the older ones.
inside my fave train
I call them 'plastic'-trains.

Another nice story of the metro - here it's called U-Bahn - is the one about sleeping on the subway train. We (me and one mate) have choosen the longest line - U6 - to take some rest and since we havn't slept at night (don't ask for reason - it's too much to explain and a theme to another blog)  we were about to have  a nice  one-hour-train-sleep. This was what we did: we rode to the terminus changed direction and we felt asleep...
Then, after more than one hour we woke up. there was nobody on the train. We were inside the tunnel, the light were switched out and only the slight tunnel lightening gave us something more than the darkness. Hm... hey mate, what are we gonna do? We tryed to open the door (now i'm asking:what for? There were other trains passing by, so there were not much place to walk to the nearest station even if we could) but we couldn't force it.
here it looks like the train would show its teeth
Then we were searching for a intercom or something to say that we are still alife and they should get here and save us. LOL.

After some 10 minutes we saw a man passing by on the tracks. We were knocking at the windows like crazy to make him see us. And he did. He stopped, looked at two funny guys inside the dark train, smiled and he made a sign 'O.K.'  and  'calm down'  showed his clock with the finger and then showed us his three fingers (so we understood in 3 minutes we will be saved) then he left and so we were waiting.  After another few minutes the lights on the train were switched on again and the train went back to its regular route. the passangers were a bit confused when they saw us sitting already inside, at the very first staion of this line.
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the best! look at this face its…
the best! look at this 'face' it'…
inside my fave train
inside my fave train
here it looks like the train would…
here it looks like the train woul…
Wien - U-Bahn
Wien - U-Bahn
Reumanplatz - our house (U1)
Reumanplatz - our house (U1)
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Leopoldau with new trains which i…
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station and the old ones i prefer…
another one with teeth
another one with 'teeth'
photo by: hellenica