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For some reason the wedding was being held in Kendal (no one involved in the event had any connection to the area so I’ve no idea why it was there) so here we are: Killington Lake.


Boy is this place bleak.


Well - I say bleak but I suppose some people might like it.  There’s a lake and it’s off the beaten track and I’m sure some people find it charming or something.  I didn’t.  I wondered where the rest of it was.


Things weren’t helped by the gathering storm clouds... well heavy rain clouds at least.  There really is nothing there.  Obviously there’s something there or it wouldn’t be called a hotel - it’d be more of a field.  There’s a Wimpy burger bar (you don’t see many of them in the UK these days), a Costa Coffee, a café, a shop and some massage chairs.  For me though the highpoint of the place was a machine from which you can purchase tattoos (of the adhesive variety) and yes, I did indulge.


So here we were; basic rooms, cold damp weather and nothing to do but look at a lake (or the car park to be more exact as that’s what our rooms looked out onto.)  The only hope was to go sightseeing so we pile back into the car and we’re off...

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