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It’s been a long time since I was last in Windermere - probably about twenty years - and I hadn’t realised how busy the place is. It’s absolutely heaving with tourists and the town seems constantly full of cars, nose to tail, edging their way through the narrow streets carrying their occupants who knows where.

It’s a nice enough picturesque town with it’s stone built houses but it’s ultra touristy in a pensioner type way and none the better for it.

Places we went in Windermere:

The Queen pub: obviously a pub for locals - they had stopped serving food so we didn’t stop. Everyone else said it smelled of toilets but I can’t say I noticed.

The Lighthouse Bar: a nice enough bar / restaurant opposite the aforementioned Queens pub. The floor to ceiling windows on the second floor means it was ideal for people watching and we could survey all the pensioners trying to squeeze their cars in and out of minute parking spaces whilst we ate.

Orrest Head: an outcrop on top of the hill that overlooks the town. After a brisk walk through the woods and out on to the top we were presented with an excellent view of the entirety of Lake Windemere and the town below. It was somewhat bracing once we got there - for that read blowing a gale! There was also some sort of iron welding forge about half way up with the wares on display yet no one to be seen. We debated whether we could simply pick up the table and chairs and walk off with it and no one would notice.

Lakeland Limited: Stef described it as like a 3-D Sunday supplement. It’s basically a glorified kitchenware shop stuffed with lots of cheap looking crap but it’s a marvel of branding as people flock from miles around to go there. Why? We were actually seeking a temperature controlled butter dish which apparently they sell. Even more bizarre I gather you can get a butter dish that you actually plug into the mains - how ridiculous is that?

Booths: some sort of supermarket at the station - full of people in barbour jackets getting their weekend shopping.

The Co-Op: small and as tacky as any other Co-Op (and not cheap either.) There was a bit of excitement as someone was arguing about being short changed.

The lakeside: after driving down to the front we decided it was far too busy and there were too many tourists there. Not to mention the fact that there was nowhere to park without paying an arm and a leg so we just drove down the front and away again to the delightful sounds of ‘Bay Radio’.

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