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The Black Sea and the lower Danube River are places I've always been curious about. This will be a month-long journey from Bucharest, Romania to Prague along the Danube with a sidetrip to Germany (just because it's Oktoberfest season).

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September 2nd, 2006Home, United States
September 9th, 2006Home, United States
September 10th, 2006Bucharest, Romania
September 11th, 2006Bucharest, Romania
September 12th, 2006Constanta, Romania
September 13th, 2006Ruse, Bulgaria
September 14th, 2006Ruse, Bulgaria
September 15th, 2006Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
September 16th, 2006Vidin, Bulgaria
September 17th, 2006Belgrade, Serbia
September 18th, 2006Belgrade, Serbia
September 19th, 2006Vukovar, Croatia
September 20th, 2006Kalocsa, Hungary
September 21st, 2006Budapest, Hungary
September 22nd, 2006Bratislava, Slovakia
September 23rd, 2006Vienna, Austria
September 24th, 2006Vienna, Austria
September 25th, 2006Prague, Czech Republic
September 26th, 2006Prague, Czech Republic
September 27th, 2006Prague, Czech Republic
September 28th, 2006Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
September 29th, 2006Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
September 30th, 2006Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
October 1st, 2006Freudenstadt, Germany
October 2nd, 2006St Michaels , Germany
October 3rd, 2006Wehrheim, Germany
October 4th, 2006Wiesbaden, Germany
October 5th, 2006Wiesbaden, Germany
October 6th, 2006Prague, Czech Republic
October 7th, 2006Home, United States