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shopping opportunities in Prague



 This is our last day in Prague and Trish is on a mission to buy a crystal lamp. Until now, she has casually shopped for her lamp but not found what she wants. Now this is her last chance and she’s not going to waste any time sightseeing when she could be shopping.

Diz is on a walking tour of Prague with us and the guide first showed us the amazing Astronomical Clock in the old town hall tower. The clock tells the astronomical positions of the sun and moon, the day of the month, the month of the year and on each hour there is the Procession of the Apostles.

Next we walked to the old Jewish Quarter where we were not allowed to photograph the Synagogues or the memorials.

the Astronomical Clock
The memorial contained the names of over 75,000 Prague Jews killed during WWII and also had drawings made by children who had lived through the Holocaust or other horrific events. The cemetery contained the tombstones from centuries of burial, in layers since they were not allowed to expand the cemetery but required to add more dirt periodically and then bury more people on top of the others. It was very moving to see these places and the images will stay with me.

I’ve managed to see almost everything on my list except the Tech Museum which was closed and the Mucha paintings in the Lord Mayor’s office (also closed by the time I got around to it). Probably my favorite was the Cathedral of St Vitus.

We had our last planning meeting with Trish and Diz before the Farewell Dinner for the cruise. It’s hard to believe that we’ve traveled together for 19 days and will be on our own tomorrow. This has been a great trip but I am definitely ready to set my own itinerary, to stop and photograph what I want and to sleep in if I feel like it.

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shopping opportunities in Prague
shopping opportunities in Prague
the Astronomical Clock
the Astronomical Clock
Our guide for the morning and the …
Our guide for the morning and the…
my husband and Diz properly attire…
my husband and Diz properly attir…
our program managers for the cruis…
our program managers for the crui…
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